Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Signs, Signs, Every Where Signs

Monday the 15th I went to the coffee house.  I was expected to sign the lease on that day.  Now, being a Feng Shui Practitioner, I faithfully go by my Chinese Almanac, and if you are at all familiar with it, you will know that there are a couple of days a month that are considered "PO" days.  These days are not suitable for any activities, especially ones of importance, such as a wedding, traveling, a grand opening, or SIGNING A  LEASE! 

So, as I looked around the shop I told the owner that I wouldn't be able to sign the lease, that it would have to wait until I returned home to Napa and I would fax it to him at that time.  He didn't even ask for an explanation and turned over the keys to me.  Wow. 

I went and looked at two more places today to rent.  I found one that I actually like (at least well enough) and the owner seemed like a great, easy going guy.  Originally from Cupertino, California, he had moved to Portland 9 years ago and loves it.  People seem to be having a hard time with the idea of renting to someone who is not gainfully employed!  I get that, but it doesn't seem to matter that I am opening a business, have money in the bank, etc.  We will see.  I can't stress over this stuff anymore.  Either it happens or it doesn't.  I now have two houses that are both okay in my book and it is up to the owners to get back to me on their decision.  I guess if I don't get either one I'll be writing a new blog titled "What to do with my life now that I quit my job, gave notice at my apartment, need to be out by the 28th of  Feb and have no where to go" - that might even prove to be a much more interesting read!!

Oh, yes about the signs.  A few weeks back I had a very powerful, real dream about Orcas.  I won't go into too much detail since dreams are so crazy and to try and relay them to others is just as crazy.  But this is important!  In my dream people were force feeding these Orcas alcohol, then putting them in these giant slingshots, where the whale would shoot forth at a great speed and regurgitate the liquid.  I know, I know, disgusting.  Anyway, people would be on the receiving end and swallow this liquid because it would get them really high.  (I said it would be crazy to try and tell you this, but hey) - I remember in my dream saying to someone who was observing this with me, "Isn't this animal cruelty? We need to do something".  And all of this was underwater of course.

Then, just recently I had a very disturbing dream about a dolphin.  She had been shot about 50 times and there were a group of 4 or 5 men (hunter/fisherman) standing around her admiring her will to live.  I was standing there horrified as the dolphin was struggling and thrashing around on the shore.  (No friggin wonder I wake up feeling so exhausted every morning!!!!)

Whales/Dolphins can represent your intuition, awareness and your sense of spirituality. Alternatively, dreams of whales can indicate a relationship or business project that is too enormous to handle. You may be feeling overwhelmed. The dream may also be a pun on "wailing" and a desire to cry out about something.  Also, I find it strange that ORCA is the combination of the abbreviation for Oregon/California.

As I was walking through the airport terminal yesterday to catch my flight back to Napa I stopped to sit on a bench to look through my purse.  As I stood up to leave, I noticed the "bench" I had sat on was actually in the shape of a whale.  Another sign.  (Insert the Twilight Zone theme song here). Do you think I think too much?

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