Friday, June 29, 2012

It's a Dog eat Kim Shoe World

Another one bites the dust.  Like mosquitos love my skin, dogs love my shoes. My sister tried to tell me that it was because I buy good quality shoes, exceptional leather.  I thought that could very well be the case until I came home yesterday to find my one and only pair of flip flops shredded in the front yard, rendered strapless, and they are not good leather, not even bad leather. You have to understand, I am a boot girl,  I don't wear flip flops.  This was a big deal for me that I even owned one pair that I could occasionally wear and feel half way decent in.  They were a gift from my friend, Virginia, years ago.  Yes, years ago.  When I find something I really like, I don't part ways with it easily.

straps no more
Through the years, the amount of shoes I have lost at the mouths of dogs is endless.  A pair of brand new UGG boots on Christmas morning that were apparently just the right size for our Bernese Mountain Dog, the most loved and coveted pair of shoes that I brought back from Italy, which I guess my Westie got confused with a rawhide chip, my last year's adorable summer sandals that my sister's Golden took a liking to and now yesterday, I came home to find this same Golden decided my flip flops would make a great addition to his already endless supply of chew toys!

To chew or not to chew, that is the question? Well, how is a dog to know the answer? That is asking a lot.  There is a lot of confusion in the life of a dog.  We let them chew some things, dig some places, sleep on certain pieces of furniture, how are they really to know?  I mean, dogs are smart, but I think we might be expecting a lot.  And to them we must appear rather passive aggressive most of the time.  Yes, no, yes, no.  Living with dogs is no different than living with a toddler.  You have to watch them constantly, keep the closet door closed, keep things off the floor.  It's a lot of work keeping up with a dog. 

The good news is that I called Virginia with my sad story.  I told her how upset I was at this loss, having had them for so many years, and being that they were a gift from her.  After telling me *"I'd kill that &@#% dog" she said, "well, I have two pair, one turquoise and one orange.  I'll give one of them to you."  I felt a wave of relief run through my body.  All was not lost!  "I'll give you the orange ones" she said.  Yes, yes, orange is good. Panting. Good Dog.

So once again, all is well that ends well.  I'm getting a new pair of flip flops, the same kind, almost the same color.  And Bennie, well all I can say, is that Bennie and I both have really good taste in shoes. 

*Please, no calls or complaints to your local animal shelter or PETA ~ Virginia's bark is much worse than her bite.

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