Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Tomorrow morning I leave for Portland to find a place to live and finally sign the lease. Checking and double checking all of my paperwork, airline ticket, check, hotel room reservation, check, rent-a-car reservation, check, lease agreement, loan application, rental applications, several Craiglist printouts, check. Still feeling like I'm missing something. Oh yes, laptop, wine for my realtor, oranges and chen pei for my daughter (a Feng Shui rememdy I need to perform on her house), clothes for 5 days, raincoat, umbrella, two pairs of boots, and it goes on and on. And all that in one little carry on. Pretty amazing. My shoulder is aching just thinking about it.

I'm really looking forward to being able to check out the coffeehouse space again. I only saw it the one time, and now I need to check out the existing inventory, measure wall space, pick out paint colors and all of that fun stuff. I found some incredible light fixtures today on Etsy - if you are not familiar with Etsy, it is an awesome online store, and well worth visiting.  I'm designing the space around one piece of art that I bought - and I am going to call it "Urban Scruff" - sort of an industrial look but with a touch of Martha Stewart - hard to imagine???  Just wait for the pictures.  A little more yin with the yang.

Great news - I just got a call from one of the moving companies I had requested quotes from and I hired them!  The name of their company?  Two Hunks and a Truck - two pretty young and pretty strong guys that are going to rent the truck, pay the gas, load and unload, drive to Portland and purchase tickets back to the bay area - and for an amazing price.  I'll give you my review of the company once the move is over! 

I wish someone was going with me, Pam, Karen, Virginia, anybody???????????

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