Sunday, February 21, 2010

Back on Track (except for the lighting)

Okay, things are back on track. We got ourselves a house to live in, movers are lined up, the cleaning lady is coming in to help with the big stuff on Saturday, sold the washer and dryer this morning., came up with a killer sandwich idea, pretty much finished my press release and made a massive to-do list for the upcoming week. With only 7 days left until the actual move it seems daunting.

Need to get all of the utility companies to disconnect things here, get the utility companies to turn things on up there, return the cable box, put in a change of address, call all of the creditors and take the cat to the vet, just to name a few of the items waiting to be crossed off my list . We need to get a sedative from the vet for the cat (and perhaps he can throw in an extra one for me). Driving for 10+ hours with Ellie the cat will only be possible if she is knocked out for the entire trip. This cat hates being in the car and if she only knew, I hate having her in my car. She does that continual meowing that never eases up. Hopefully drugs will do the trick!

And then of course, I have a few social obligations. Lunch tomorrow with Larry, coffee with Cynthia, a day trip to Tahoe to see my parents, an art opening on the 27th that I would like to attend. Have to keep this in balance. Try to make moving a bit enjoyable, not sure if those two words (moving/enjoyable) should even be in the same sentence but let's try it. Anyway, the real reason for tonight's blog is to get your opinion on the following:

What to you think of these light fixtures?

I love them! Keith hates them. I think they have just the right amount of urban grit that I am looking for. I wanted these three to hang over the pastry case. He doesn't think of the graffiti as artistic, he only sees it as if it is in its real state, dirty and destructive, and it bugs the hell out of him. So far, this is the first thing that we have strongly disagreed upon. We usually agree on most things, from the name of the cafe, the products we want to carry, the hours we should stay open, etc. But the design of the place should be left up to me. At least that's what I think. :)

I would appreciate any comments from my readers on these light fixtures, do you like them or not?

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  1. I do like these! If you don't put them over the pastry case then try to use them somewhere....very urban grit, very different, very Portland...I think.