Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Shoemaker Brothers

Friday night we decided to get out of town and go down to Ventura, which is about 20 miles south of here. Just wanting to enjoy some different scenery and find someplace new to have dinner, we ended up having a cocktail and appetizers at an upscale restaurant bar. We weren't that impressed with  the food or the setting, so we ventured off down Main Street to find some place else to land.  

We'd only walked about a block when we heard this incredible music coming from inside one of the Mexican Cantinas, and it stopped us in our tracks.  There was no room to sit, so we  just leaned up against the entrance and watched, as these two extraordinary musicians kept us mesmerized. Come to find out, they are the Shoemaker Brothers, originally from Washington State, and now make their home in Southern California. Actually, the band consists of four brothers, but only two were playing this gig. We ended up getting a seat and enjoying a full set of theirs ~ which was fascinating to watch.  

Nothing moves me like the violin. I think it might be my very favorite instrument of all ~ it can make such sorrowful sounds, aching, wailing, such desperate sounds, which can speak to me more than any words ever spoken.  

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