Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pillow Fight

Most good pillow fights involve two or more people and at least a couple of pillows. For me, no such luck. My pillow fight consists of just me and my pillow. And this fight can go on all hours of the night. Actually it usually involves two pillows. I fight with one, punch it, twist it, turn it, slam it and finally throw it across the bed and start all over with the other pillow.

The pillow. Such an important part of our lives. We spend so much time with it and like a spouse, if things aren't working out, if we are waking up each day grumpy, with a headache, and suffering through our day due to a lack of sleep, we should probably consider trading it in. But the quest for the perfect pillow is so difficult. I have bought down pillows, foam pillows, the tempurpedic pillow, pillows for back sleepers, pillows for side sleepers, tried stacking pillows, and it makes me regret the day I threw out the one pillow I had been content with for so long. And the main reason I got rid of it? Because it was old. It was still completely comfortable, but it was old. And I had just unfortunately read an article about bed mites. In the article it said; Beds are a prime habitat. A typical used mattress may have anywhere from 100,000 to 10 million mites inside. (Ten percent of the weight of a two year old pillow can be composed of dead mites and their droppings.) Eww. So I knew there had to be many sharing the bed with me. This creeped the living bejesus out of me. So just like that, out she goes, and I'm off to purchase a new, bug free pillow where I could rest my head each night without worrying about little creepy things crawling into my ears. I haven't been able to find an adequate replacement for that perfect pillow yet.

Once you are a bit older, and sleep is a little harder to come by, the pillow becomes our new security blanket. When you are little you take your blanket or your stuffed bear with you, now everyone I know brings along their pillow to any type of sleepover, whether it be to a hotel, or the home of a friend or family member. Sometimes we bring them in the car just for a long drive, sometimes, even on a plane, if we can fit them in our carry on. They play an extremely important role in determining how our day will start out. Even if we are sleeping on a terrible mattress it can make it somewhat bearable if the pillow is a good one. My mother always brings along her pillow, as ratty a thing as it is, my sister, same thing, each time I see their pillows I ask them "Is that your pillow?" But I get it. They are that important to us, that hard to find. And once you find something that helps get you through the night, it is foolish, almost reckless, to get rid of it. This of course excludes things like substance abuse, sex with strangers or strange people in general, or watching episodes of Jersey Shore or other disgusting "reality" shows into the wee hours of the morning.

So today I am off to find a new pillow. I know the task at hand will not be an easy one but I am determined to find, if not the perfect pillow, one that comes close, one that I can live with easily. And after it has aged a bit, been through many washings, I will not just throw it out. In a perfect world, there would be no bed mites, (or for that matter any bugs, disease, bad hair days, death, destruction, bitter coffee, lumpy mattresses, etc.) but I mean really, those little mites are microscopic, how bad can it really be? Some people share their bed with the entire family, some with their pets, these are little tiny mites. So this time, when I find the perfect pillow and can once again get a restful sleep, I'm just gonna make room for all of us.

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