Monday, August 15, 2011

Ctrl, Alt, Delete

Somewhere around nine months ago, I decided that my safe deposit box keys, that for years I had been keeping in a small wooden jewelry box on top of my dresser, were not quite safe enough. So I hid them. I picked a great hiding place, one where no one would ever dream of looking. Unfortunately, I must have selected such a remote and unthinkable location, that now that I need them, I can't find them either. It's not just that I can't find them, I can't even vaguely remember where I put them. All that I do remember is the day I frantically searched for that secret hiding place, and upon finding one, thinking how clever I was.

I stopped in at the bank the other morning, it's a small bank, and they know me quite well. I explained my situation and asked if she could go into the box for me. "No, we don't have a key to the box. You should have two keys. We only keep a key for our side of the box", she told me. "Really?" I inquired, finding it hard to believe that there wasn't a master key lying somewhere around. I mean, everyone and everything has a master key, doesn't it? She went on to inform me that giving the customer the only two keys is what truly makes it a safe deposit box. For the bank to become involved, it would cost me at a minimum, $200, as they would need to have someone drill the box open.

Great. I went home and tore the house apart. Every drawer, inside every shoe, every purse, file cabinets, bathroom cabinets, under the bed, in vases, baskets, inside books. Both keys were kept in a bank supplied little red envelope, you would think they would be reasonably easy to find. But no, I am now caught up in a frustrating and demanding game of hide and seek. Well, I've done all I can do, I've been "seeking" for three days anyway. I was told by my friend to "turn it over to the universe" and then they will show up. Okay, I'll do that for now, but it won't be easy to idly stand by while the universe brings in their search party.

So safety tucked away in my subconscious is the key (literally) to saving myself from having to spend an unnecessary $200. Like a computer, somewhere in my hard drive are many bits of information that could make my life so much easier, simple things, like, "where did I leave my favorite ring, where is that pale pink cashmere sweater from last winter, where could my sunglasses possibly be, when was the last time I had my eyes checked (the doctor asked), when will the Sex and the City girls make another movie? More than anything, as my frustration and annoyance seems to grow, what I seem to be missing most are my rose colored glasses! What I am seeing now is more of a fire engine red!

It is frustrating because we all have this type of information stored somewhere in our brain, here under documents, downloads, shared files, photos, who knows, but my system seems to have crashed, I can't seem to reboot. So before I go completely nuts, or fork out the money necessary to drill open the safe deposit box, I will give the "Universe" a chance to act. But, I do need to request that the the universe perform in a specific amount of time, like, let's say, by the end of the month. I'm just hoping that on a regular basis the universe saves it files and frequently backs up better than I do.

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  1. Kim, this is so funny (sorry) because I have done the same thing - can't find things that I hid. Guess were just very good at finding great hiding places! Ernie