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Fat Monday - somebody say "Voodoo?"

I broke down today and bought a new pair of pants. Big pants. That unfortunately fit me really well right now. I also bought some new shoes, with the new “Revolutionary Memory Foam” footbed.  Hopefully my poor swollen and blistered feet will shrink back down to their normal size soon. I swear, being on my feet for 40 hours last week increased my foot size one full shoe size! Now even my favorite boots are feeling on the snug side. I really wish I wasn’t so fixated on this “getting bigger all the time - Bigger Bigger Bigger!" (sung to the tune of “It’s getting better all the time” by the Beatles), but it isn’t just vanity weighing in here, it is downright uncomfortable. No wonder these poor feet are calling it quits, they don’t want to carry this load around and I’m right there with them. I guess I will go back on that “no/low carb eating plan (the word "diet" is no longer in my vocabulary) starting Saturday, May 1st. Couldn’t start on a better day. Besides, I’m heading …

Falling In Love With A Coffee Shop

Quick little blog this morning – nothing too earth shattering or revealing. Going to work this morning at the consignment store and I guess the best thing about this gig is that I am getting my “standing on your feet all day” feet broken in. Nothing has seemed to help thus far. I have tried wearing many different shoes, even my usually unbelievably comfortable Borne boots, but after a long day at the register, shifting the weight of my body from one side to the other, the pain was almost unbearable. I guess of course that would again be my idea of unbearable. If you were speaking with someone who has had some real pain, like let’s say, Chinese torture, they might regard my pain as nothing more uncomfortable than getting a pedicure from a newly licensed pedicurist. “That okay, water okay?” “No, no, way too hot,” I say. She smiles at me and starts speaking Vietnamese to a fellow pedicurist. She doesn’t understand a word I am saying. I smile back. Really, I should be home doing my own to…

Passionless Fashion

Something wasn’t sitting right with me. I couldn’t put my finger on it. A wee bit of a sick stomach, an unsettling feeling in my bones. I should be rather ecstatic, an opportunity landed in my lap that couldn’t seem more timely or convenient. A thriving business with a lease option. The owner had hand picked me thinking I might be the perfect person to take over for her, now that she was feeling tired and was busy visualizing a life of retirement (gardening) in her head. Ah, a business of my own. But do I really want a business of my own? Would I want to own a Stanley Steemer franchise, or a Kinko’s? I don’t think so. I don’t want just any business. What I am really seeking is passion.

I wanted to like it. I worked the last week with the owner and really tried to like it. Retail. I’m feeling bored already with ladies and clothing, and for the few really sweet women whom were so thankful when I helped them pick out an outfit or two, there were many more of the “I look so fat”, “I’m too…

Geese - from "winged migration"

I have always loved Canadian Geese. I love the sound of their honking as I hear them fly overhead and wonder where they are headed. They fascinate me, the way they fly in their V-formation, with the lead goose like an orchestra conductor, keeping them all in tune. When he tires he retreats to the end of the line and another bird that is stronger will take his place. They support one another. They work together. If one of the birds gets sick or extremely tired, two other geese will fall out of formation and fly with him, to protect him, until he either dies or recovers. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we all had that kind of support to both give and receive?

These geese have been weighing heavily on my mind for the past few days. I was driving on a quiet back road in Sonoma when suddenly I could see a bird flying directly towards my windshield. As it got closer I saw it was a Canadian goose, he was flying very low and he was alone. I knew something must have gone terribly wrong for hi…

Open up my head and let me out

Chalk it up to another restless night last night. I had the hardest time sleeping. Actually I fell asleep easily, could barely keep my eyes open, but staying asleep, well that’s a different story.

I had a lot on my mind when I went to bed last night. I was thinking about what I would wear in the morning to my first day at my “two-week” job trial. I mean, I will be working with clothing so I should look like I have some sense of style. This thought in itself took up way more time than any one person should devote to this subject. Especially when there wasn’t that much to think about since my recently expanding waistline and thighs have limited me to wearing only two pair of pants that I own. This shouldn’t be so hard to figure out. Now, which jacket is light weight enough to be considered “spring wear” and long enough to hide my backside? Okay, again, I spent too much time last night thinking about this and now here I go wasting more time writing about it!

I also went to bed a bit sad…

Mud between my toes

Life is messy. It took me all this time to figure that out. Go figure. I don’t think that I am in anyway unique in this, I am sure that the majority of people figure it out eventually too. We assume that our lives will reach a comfortable destination, jigsaw puzzle complete, trouble free and with a high degree of satisfaction. That is what we strive for, isn’t it? All we have to think about now is yearly vacations, our children/grandchildren visiting during the holidays, enjoying friends and family and our most challenging decision of the day will be what recipe from Bon Appetite we will tackle for dinner.

I always assumed that when I reached the ripe old age of my age, I would have the love of my life by my side (and of course, he would have been my high school sweetheart and we were still madly in love with one another. Even though I never had a real high school sweetheart), the white picket-fenced house I always thought I wanted, the amazing career I was destined to have, the guest…

Well, yes and no

Here we go again – another kind of coffee house, actually this one is more like a coffee kiosk. Not my original plan, I mean, where is the music, the art on the walls, the gathering of locals? But, if this could be the beginning, lead to something bigger and better it might be worth a try.

I met with a local vintner a few months ago and we briefly talked about the idea of a coffee bar/house/shop/kiosk on his property up valley. Although I wasn’t that interested at the time, now it seems like a no-brainer. Or it least it did this morning at our second meeting. But then it was off to the county offices to see what might be involved in opening our little 300 sq ft coffee bar that could serve commuters, local residents and tourists alike. Simple. A very simple idea, with a small amount of equipment and product, taking up very little space, leaving a very lightfooted footprint.

Okay, I get that there have to be rules and regulations. I don’t want to eat in a restaurant that isn’t checked o…