Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Falling In Love With A Coffee Shop

Quick little blog this morning – nothing too earth shattering or revealing. Going to work this morning at the consignment store and I guess the best thing about this gig is that I am getting my “standing on your feet all day” feet broken in. Nothing has seemed to help thus far. I have tried wearing many different shoes, even my usually unbelievably comfortable Borne boots, but after a long day at the register, shifting the weight of my body from one side to the other, the pain was almost unbearable. I guess of course that would again be my idea of unbearable. If you were speaking with someone who has had some real pain, like let’s say, Chinese torture, they might regard my pain as nothing more uncomfortable than getting a pedicure from a newly licensed pedicurist. “That okay, water okay?” “No, no, way too hot,” I say. She smiles at me and starts speaking Vietnamese to a fellow pedicurist. She doesn’t understand a word I am saying. I smile back. Really, I should be home doing my own toenails.

So as I was saying, the good thing is that by the time I get my coffee house/kiosk/shop, my feet will be so calloused and tough that they will be able to withstand the 12-15 hour workdays! What a blessing. I will be able then to focus on complaining about the many other things I am sure I will find to complain about. Long hours, rude customers, cost of repairs, bad batch of blueberry muffins, and again, not being able to fit into anything but this one pair of jeans that I need to wash and dry each night. You might be thinking, “Why don’t you just go buy a new pair of pants (or two) in a larger size?” Logical, yes. But then again. . .

Even with all of the negatives that I can see in owning a coffee house it hasn’t seemed to deter me. Right now I am working on two coffee house options. The first one is the one here in Napa, the kiosk with the winery, but I am waiting on the owner and the County to give me the green light before I put much more energy into it. And this may or may not surprise you, but next week I am driving up to Portland to look at another coffee house! I am meeting with the owner on Wednesday to go over the financials and all of that “business” stuff. Looks like a great place, in an old house right in the Hawthorne district. Will definitely know more by the end of this month. Pam, this place has room for you!!!!!

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