Friday, June 13, 2014

Wind Beneath My Wings

Mother's are our biggest fans. If we are lucky enough to be born to the right mother, which I was. Mine has always been, stealing a line from Bette Midler, the wind beneath my wings. She definitely gave all of her kids the glory while she was the one with all the strength, watching, beaming, proudly.

When I look back, growing up, I'm still amazed at how kind she was, how she never really criticized, how even when I managed to mess up, (things like getting a small tattoo, coloring my hair with some spray in lemon sunshine, which really looked a tad green) she managed to find a little bit of good in my bad judgement.  

I remember coming home with the tattoo. I was 18 and quite an independent spirit.  This was back in the early 70's so tattoos weren't as commonplace then.  They belonged mainly to the Hell's Angels and the women who loved them.  Anyway, when I came home from my appointment with "Biker Bob" I showed her the poorly designed and garishly colored butterfly on my upper hip, and her response was "It's kind of pretty, if you like tattoos." I'll never forget it. How generous of her. How loving. It was plain ugly, and she knew it.

But this is her MO, putting kindness and love before all else. I've seen it demonstrated time and time again, with all of her children and beyond, to her siblings, to cousins, to friends. 

She has been following my blog since I first started writing it in 2010 and always sends an email after she reads it.  Usually telling me how much she loved it, or asking if it was true, or if I really feel that way about the subject matter.

I had put my blog on hold, since I became involved in so many other projects, but decided to join the NaPoBloMo for the month of June, posting daily for the 30 days. When we were talking on the phone the other night she told me how she didn't want June to end, because she looked forward to my blogs so much, and she knew I wouldn't be writing them as often.  It hit me right then, that if there was anything I could do for my Mom, to give back a little something, it would be to continue to write for her. So I will. Gotta make your fans happy. Love you, Mom.

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