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Ctrl, Alt, Delete

Somewhere around nine months ago, I decided that my safe deposit box keys, that for years I had been keeping in a small wooden jewelry box on top of my dresser, were not quite safe enough. So I hid them. I picked a great hiding place, one where no one would ever dream of looking. Unfortunately, I must have selected such a remote and unthinkable location, that now that I need them, I can't find them either. It's not just that I can't find them, I can't even vaguely remember where I put them. All that I do remember is the day I frantically searched for that secret hiding place, and upon finding one, thinking how clever I was.

I stopped in at the bank the other morning, it's a small bank, and they know me quite well. I explained my situation and asked if she could go into the box for me. "No, we don't have a key to the box. You should have two keys. We only keep a key for our side of the box", she told me. "Really?" I inquired, finding it hard …

The no-fly "photo" list

I tend to put off doing the things that should be done because I am not quite ready. Not quite ready to get on the scale at the doctor's office so I schedule an appointment a month or two out. Not quite ready to get in a bathing suit so plan on swimming in the summer of 2012. Not quite ready to see an old friend until my bangs grow out so I put her on the "I'll get back to you after I look at my calendar" list, and now, after four attempts at trying to get a decent passport picture, not quite ready to submit myself to years and years of suffering, having to look at a very disturbing image of someone who looks like me, only much older and frankly, a little frightening with her "deer caught in the headlights" glare.

My passport expired a few years ago and I have been meaning to renew it. I went down to the Photo Pro, which they are definitely not pro's in my opinion or they never would have let me walk out of there with such shabby workmanship. They …

Kimberly Joans' Diary

It seems that in the movies, especially romantic comedies, which tend to be my favorite, there are always misunderstandings, missed opportunities, someone running after the other, the other always out of breath, it is usually raining or there is a light snowfall, and they end up falling into each others arms. Even if she yells "get away from me" a time or two, they seem to realize that fate has brought them together, love is all around, happy ending, lights go on, theater gets empty. Ah, romance. We leave the theater uplifted, holding on to hope that these happy endings are real, they exist, even outside of the movies.

I was just told in an email that, "You can't make people love you. This is not a film script or a ludicrous song title." But wait, I've believed in those film scripts and music has been my life, my comfort, my belief system, my religion. When I hear a love song (which love translates to a broken heart the majority of the time) I just kno…