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You're going to Hollywood!

I watched American Idol a couple of weeks ago when the four remaining "idols" got to return to their hometown for a visit.  It was amazing to me the turnout, the tears, the quivering teens with their cardboard declarations of love, and the "star quality" that can suddenly earn you the love of an entire town or city, if not the nation.

And while I "kind of" get that, I still have to wonder, where were all the swooning fans when Scotty was ringing up groceries at the local market or singing at a school function?  Where were all the screaming "We love you Lauryns" when she was singing at her church - why is it  that we only garner that kind of loyalty and blind "I want to marry you" kind of attention when everyone else is paying attention?  Is it some kind of deep intrinsic belief that if everyone else loves you then you must be lovable? Or desirable? Or worthy?  Is it our monkey see, monkey do mentality or is it more simple than that.  I…

A matter of life and death

Leaving the San Francisco ArtMarket on Saturday night, I turned down 5th Street to access the I-80 on ramp towards the Bay Bridge.  5th Street, in the SOMA neighborhood (South of Market) is home to many homeless and unfortunate souls.  I sat at the stop light in the safety and comfort of my BMW, listening to Adele belt out the lyrics "we could've had it all" and couldn't help but wonder about each of the people who sat huddled up against the building.  What was their story? There was one woman in particular, skin and bones, and though I'm not a good judge of age, I would guess she had to be in her late 70's.  In just a matter of minutes (the amount of time that it took the light to change from red to green) I saw her young, happy, with a family, and a house. A few pets, maybe kids. What had happened during her lifetime that she now found herself begging for everything from food, drink to large pieces of cardboard? Was it drugs, alcohol, mental illness?  Wasn&…

*Nothing is as far away as one minute ago

I've been moping around, feeling dull, defeated and uninspired for well over a month now.  Me, the one who preaches "things happen for a reason", "when one door closes", "when life gives you lemons", and even though I try with all my might to be a student of that school of thinking, right now I'm just not feeling it.  I've always thought of myself as an optimistic "when life give you lemons" kind of person, if not making lemonade, then I was at least shaking up a raspberry lemon drop martini!  But now instead of making lemonade it seems I'm more inclined to grab that lemon, viciously slice it up and use it to scour the sink.

Things have changed around me, drastically, and as empty as it all feels, a total wipe out, it is a clean slate. It is starting all over again, looking for a new job or new line of work, possibly a new home, possibly a new town, a completely new living situation, but somehow at this point in my life it feels …

The Mother Lode

If you ask anyone what the greatest gift in life is, especially if that person you are asking has lived a good portion of their life and has come to realize the loneliness of a dollar, the high price of fame, or the worthlessness of their worldly possessions, they would more than likely say something about love.  Being in love, receiving love, giving love.

But love can come and go - with the exception of that hard to find unconditional love.  How many of us really don't put any conditions on love?  Most of us will love someone if they are good, successful, true, and meet our expectations.  Wedding vows are obsolete as evidenced by our high divorce rate.   I don't even know if they still use the ridiculous vow, "for better of worse" - I remember hearing Judge Judy during an interview. She said when she married it was for better or better.  I have to respect her honesty. Sickness or health?  I have seen a few relationships end because one …

Ding Dong Osama bin Laden's dead

Is it just me, or is there something fundamentally wrong with people celebrating in a party animal style fashion when someone is killed, someone is dead?  A good or bad person.  Yes, I know.  Osama is a bad bad man.

And yes, he should have been taken out many many years ago, but years ago we were helping to arm him and thought he was our "friend".  But that said, he is now dead, and our military can be proud, Mission Accomplished.  But I wouldn't be so quick to jump on the party bandwagon.  I am not saying that bin Laden deserved to live, it is just that his death worries me as much as his life did.  The death of a leader (again, good or bad) can have severe consequences.  Not that him being alive didn't deliver some mighty severe consequences, but my gut feeling, and I am not alone in this, is that the death of Osama bin Laden may very well bring more violence and terror our way.

I hope that the families and friends of those killed in 9/11 and other terrorist activi…