Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wish me luck

There is always so much pressure when the new year comes.  Whether it is the New Years celebration on December 31st that we have such high expectations for or the Chinese New Year when we need to follow all of these customs and superstitions otherwise we sit biting our nails, fearful that we might have screwed up the entire year ahead.

Case in point,  I have made sure to follow several items on the "to do" list associated with Chinese New Year.  I cleaned my house two days ago, knowing I couldn't clean today and even hesitated cleaning yesterday, it just seemed to be too close for comfort, and I wanted to make sure not to sweep away any of my upcoming good fortune.  I did not wash my hair this morning.  That was very difficult for me.  I wrestled with that one.  How come I can shower, wash my body, but not my hair?  But a fortunate future is worth a little bit of oil in my hair, for a day anyway.

I dressed in red.  I don't like wearing red.  It is not my color.  And the jacket that I am wearing is actually a bit too warm for the freakishly warm weather we are having this 3rd day of February.  But then again, good fashion has never been known to be comfortable, just ask Stacey and Clinton.  I went and paid a visit this morning to a friend to see her newborn baby.  This is very lucky indeed I've been told.  I know I can't visit any sick people today (so please don't call and ask me to come over if you're not feeling well) or attend any funeral services, (my year is already off to a good start because luckily I am not aware of any).

I heard songbirds this morning, very first thing.  They say to pay attention to everything that comes your way today.  I really paid attention to the birds. There were bluebirds, seagulls and of course the crows that I love.  So, I can check that off the list too.  The sun was out, it is shining bright (bright future) and I feel good!  Surprisingly no aches or pains to complain about today.

Today we are suppose to think only positive thoughts, don't think at all about the past, and treat everyone we see or meet today with kindness and compassion.  Thank goodness I am locked away in a gallery where my visitors will be far and few between.  I have come to the realization that I don't really like people that much.  I think I would be much better suited for lab work.  Me in my little laboratory.  Or perhaps I should be an accountant (except that besides not liking people much, I don't like numbers much either).  Being a writer, holed up in that adorable beach cottage, would be the perfect thing, but I need to make some money, and that is just a rather large horse fly and his entire family in my ointment.
But I've decided this is going to be my year.  The rabbit (year 2011) and the monkey seem to have an amicable relationship and my horoscope is fairly benign this year.  From the looks of things I can make progress if I focus and make a commitment, which of course has always been my downfall.

Tonight I plan to eat out at a Chinese restaurant, even though I will not order the pig tongue (for profit), lotus roots (for abundance) or a duck with head and feet intact (to ensure completeness and good fortune), perhaps orange chicken will suffice (oranges for wealth and general good luck) and hopefully they will have long noodles (for long life). That ought to do it, wealth, good luck and long life.   This will not be the traditional Chinese feast for the New Years celebration (but then again, I am not Chinese nor do I live in China, even though I think I more than likely was/did in one lifetime or another), but I figure it's got to bring me better luck than eating lasagna or a burger and fries.  And as long as I don't use a knife that could possibly sever my entire family's good fortune, I guess I'll be okay.
My best friend Virginia called this morning to wish me a happy new year.  I reminded her of a few of the  traditions to follow.  "Don't wash your hair this morning," I tell her.  "Oh God, is that a life or death thing, I need to wash my hair" she replied.  I responded by telling her, "Well, I guess it couldn't hurt, more than likely you've washed your hair every other Chinese New Year's Day before this." She quickly said "Well, no wonder I've had such shitty luck!"  Hmm, now she's got me seriously thinking.  Can I really pick and choose which of these superstitions I want to abide by?  Don't wash my hair, but go ahead and use my scissors?  Check out this link  Anybody got a Costco sized salt shaker?

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