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The Legendary Waterfall Sisters

The first time my brother invited me and my sister as his guests to go salmon fishing in Alaska, I thought, "Well, this is a once in a lifetime experience, we have to go."  Even though the thought of fishing wasn't really that appealing to me.  It was more of a challenge, a true test of my endurance and a chance to improve upon my not so good reputation as being somewhat spoiled, rather lazy, and perhaps "the weakest link."  I have always been thought of as rather prissy, and I'm not even sure how I got that reputation, but sure as the day is long, I have it.  Maybe it has something to do with this type of thinking; I envisioned a few hours of fishing, a few more hours of lounging on some spectacular ocean view deck with perhaps a Carrie Bradshaw type cocktail, reading my long overdue stack of books that I would bring with me. I imagined drinking my perfectly creamed coffee while seated leisurely outside, shielding my eyes from the warm morning sun, excited…

What will it take to get you in a new car today?

I am not a salesperson.  I'm not really sure how I managed to weasel my way into this gig.  I do remember coming upon the ad on Craigslist years ago for a sales consultant at a prestigious Napa Valley gallery.  Hmm, I thought, I like art, I myself create my own art, so what could be better than to spend my days surrounded by fine art in a beautiful up valley gallery.

I sent in my resume and to my surprise got an interview.  I met with the owner, Ira, who I instantly felt a connection with, his brilliant white and sincere smile, the light in his sky blue eyes, and the way that he listened.  He leaned forward, into my words, like he really wanted to hear me, to get to know me. We talked about Buddhism and Feng Shui, got into a philosophical discussion, both agreeing on everything, seeing both eyes to both eyes.  I left the interview after an hour and a half feeling pretty confident that I had got the job.  At the very least, I had just made a very good friend.

The call came days lat…

You can't go home again, or can you?

It has been a year since I was planning to leave Napa for Portland and open up Artistry Cafe when everything fell apart.  I know my loss doesn't compare to losing a friend, a person, but in a sense it had a very real life, it was a part of me. Something I was creating, giving birth to, so to this day, I still feel a deep sadness when I think about what coulda/shoulda been.

I wrote the landlord the other day, just looking through old emails, and came across our last correspondence. "Hey Terry, Kim from Napa again" - "Just checking to see how things are going, did you ever lease out the coffee house?"  I heard back from him that same afternoon.  "Good to hear from you Kim.  Yes, we leased out the shop but it seems they might be having a hard time."  Well of course they are, I thought.  The last time I went to Portland we drove by, it was closed, but we peeked in the windows to see that it looked basically the same as last year.  And the only changes wer…

The Way We Were

Watching the Grammys the other night, which I rarely do, I have to admit I wasn't all that familiar with most of the artists that were up for an award.  It felt very strange to be so removed from who and what was "current" - to realize that "my generation" really wasn't part of the Grammy generation any longer.  Of course, there was the performance by Bob Dylan, which for his sake and the sake of many others I wish he would've passed the torch and let his son Jacob take the stage.  Mick Jagger was incredible, same little skinny body, same spasmodic dance movements and his vocals were pretty right on.  You have to admire that man. Then out came Barbra Streisand, who in my opinion still has one of the most incredible female voices on the planet.  But then there was poor Kris, barely able to walk without assistance, but he showed up just the same.

So after the show I started thinking, "when do you hang it up?"  Unfortunat…

Life is but a dream

I was asleep in a vacant warehouse only to be awakened by the sound of heavy gunfire, war zone style gunfire.  Planes were flying overhead, their lights shining in through the windows as they swooped low, firing more rounds of ammunition.  I started running, ducking, trying to find places to hide, making my way through the building, naked (why does that naked thing always come into play?) running on tiptoe, and all I can hear is the tip-tapping of my toes on the concrete floor along with the horrendous splaying of bullets.  
Gathering up some courage, I peeked through the blinds and could see several helicopters swarming around, large black helicopters and a few silver ones circling the building, lowering themselves, the sound getting louder and louder and just as I was feeling like a trapped and injured animal, I woke up.

Shaking and feeling very unsettled, I laid very still for a few minutes, making sure the planes and helicopters were gone and then I got up and made my way to the kit…

Wish me luck

There is always so much pressure when the new year comes.  Whether it is the New Years celebration on December 31st that we have such high expectations for or the Chinese New Year when we need to follow all of these customs and superstitions otherwise we sit biting our nails, fearful that we might have screwed up the entire year ahead.
Case in point,  I have made sure to follow several items on the "to do" list associated with Chinese New Year.  I cleaned my house two days ago, knowing I couldn't clean today and even hesitated cleaning yesterday, it just seemed to be too close for comfort, and I wanted to make sure not to sweep away any of my upcoming good fortune.  I did not wash my hair this morning.  That was very difficult for me.  I wrestled with that one.  How come I can shower, wash my body, but not my hair?  But a fortunate future is worth a little bit of oil in my hair, for a day anyway.

I dressed in red.  I don't like wearing red.  It is not my color.  And …