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It's a Dog eat Kim Shoe World

Another one bites the dust.  Like mosquitos love my skin, dogs love my shoes. My sister tried to tell me that it was because I buy good quality shoes, exceptional leather.  I thought that could very well be the case until I came home yesterday to find my one and only pair of flip flops shredded in the front yard, rendered strapless, and they are not good leather, not even bad leather. You have to understand, I am a boot girl,  I don't wear flip flops.  This was a big deal for me that I even owned one pair that I could occasionally wear and feel half way decent in.  They were a gift from my friend, Virginia, years ago.  Yes, years ago.  When I find something I really like, I don't part ways with it easily.

Through the years, the amount of shoes I have lost at the mouths of dogs is endless.  A pair of brand new UGG boots on Christmas morning that were apparently just the right size for our Bernese Mountain Dog, the most loved and coveted pair of shoes that I brought back from It…