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Labor Pains

Last Friday night, SFL, my daughter's band opened for a well known band in Portland. It was a last minute gig. I'm not sure what happened to the scheduled opening band, but SFL was asked to play the show very last minute, the day before.
I heard from her after they had played their set. It was a great turnout, the sound system was good, she met the other band members. I knew that at this particular show you had to buy tickets, not just pay a cover charge, so I asked her if her band got paid. She told me, no, not this gig, being last minute, things had already been prearranged but they were still happy to play the show.
Nobody seems to realize how much work goes into playing a show, from the years of studying, writing, recording, practicing, packing up gear, setting up, tearing down, giving hours of your time, energy and talent to each performance. It boils down to people taking advantage of artists, students, college graduates or almost anyone that wants to work in a pro…

"No, you go"

I've lived in the Bay Area for a good part of my life. When you drive the East Bay, North Bay, San Francisco and all the rest, that old "only the strong survive" really applies. You learn to drive fast, you learn to merge, you learn to share the road, cars race past you, motorcycles zip between lanes, which commonly known as lanesplitting can scare the wits out you. While legal in several European countries, here it is only legal in California, like foie gras, it is something we could've lived without. Driving here is a game of skill, fast paced and you better be ready to play.
On my visits to Portland I have observed, a lot of it through my own California expat daughter's frustration, the lack of driving skills that people in Portland seem to have. I guess no one is in a hurry there, it is laid back, there is a kick back vibe similar to a California beach town. Not that that is a negative, it is just something that requires time getting used to. From the frantic…

The Wax Heart Messenger

I am a big believer in signs. In paying attention to your surroundings and getting tuned in to those messages that are being sent directly to you. From where they come, I am still not sure. But I see and hear them all the time. Sometimes I will then look them up in my sign book, research it on the web, or make up a theory that makes sense to me.
Now this might seem to some a stretch, but I received another sign last Friday. My sister and I treated ourselves to an eyebrow waxing. You know, where they apply the hot wax underneath the brow, above the brow and between the brow for those cursed with that most undesirable uni-brow. It has become a cultural beauty necessity ~ hairless and smooth and perfectly arched.
So, while having my brows done, the last region on my face that the esthetician applied the hot wax was between my brows. She then lightly pressed the cloth over the wax and with a little pressure ripped it off, removing those unsightly hairs, only to be astonished when she saw th…

The Big Thaw

I have come to realize that I can be quite a downer. I bag on everything and everyone. From the people who try too hard to the people that just don't try. I mean of course I pick on the obvious, the entertainment and outfits at the Grammys, (by the way, awesome job Katy Perry), the lifestyles and choices of the rich and famous, right down to the more simple people that wear jingle bell holiday sweaters (think Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones Diary).
I don't cut any slack to the people that decorate their homes according to the monthly holiday, four leaf clovers on St. Patrick's Day, little American flags adorning their drinks and embellishing their gardens on Fourth of July, people who in my jaded and biased opinion are living on the edge of corny or uncool.* Is that it? Am I just too cool to participate ~ is this why I've never belonged to Book Club, Bunko groups, Ladies Nights? Is this why, at the innocent and tender age of around 9, I was asked to leave my Blue Bird…

Everything is amazing right now and nobody is happy ~ Louis CK

Leaving to catch an early morning flight out of Sacramento last week, my semi-upbeat mood quickly faded, faster than my last root touch-up, leaving me irritable and feeling like a glass half empty. I had barely packed the car, buckled my seatbelt, inserted my favorite CD, drove a miniscule mile to merge on the freeway when I immediately encountered a traffic accident. Slam on the breaks! The traffic alert sign said in bright orange letters "Accident Ahead" while what I really thought should be flashing in neon was "Idiot Driver Up Ahead". Yes, there was fog, there was traffic, I hadn't had my Starbucks and definitely not enough sleep, but my God, watch where you're going people! I already mentioned my glass was at least half empty, right? And speaking of the half empty or half full analogy, I saw this and had to share it ~

You gotta love that. Anyway, back to the story.
When I finally made it to the airport, parked in the economy lot, caught the shuttle, ma…