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Christmas Cheer

This year I am going to leave my Scrooge self at home and try to channel my inner Bob Cratchit.  I will bite my tongue, find joy in the season and try not to complain too loudly about the early onset of Christmas. Wish me luck, most of you know me better than that.

I really do love Christmas. I love the season. I love the goodness and generosity that usually accompanies the month of December.  Today is the day after Black Friday.  I think this might be called "Even Blacker Saturday" as it seems to me the "sales" still continue and you didn't have to be down at Kohl's at 3:00 am after all.  But from what I've been told some people really love doing this.  Like a sport - they prepare for it all year.  To be one of the first 100 shoppers to get that free ornament or chance to enter a drawing for a $500 Visa card is worth the blood bath they might endure. 

I noticed Christmas items going up in the stores at about the same time they were removing the Hallow…

Here's the dish

Thanksgiving is this week and even though the family is not getting together this year I still want to go ahead and make a special meal.  Sometimes I break tradition, like last year when I made crab and chicken enchiladas for Christmas dinner.  I've also been known to frequent the always open Chinese food restaurants on Christmas Eve - much to my sister's dismay!  But as much as I love the traditional turkey dinner, occasionally I want to do something else with my day besides spend it in the kitchen  - or spend it in a non-stop eating extravaganza, from the onset of the appetizers, to the colossal early dinner, the decadent pies, cookies and cheesecakes which are served shortly thereafter and then the late night requisite turkey sandwich.  You know the one, it’s on white bread (or you could get away with a really wimpy wheat) with mayonnaise and a hefty dashing of salt.  Plain and simple perfection.  If you have any stuffing left over and can still manage to fit it in, all the…

Coffee or tea, blondes or brunettes, body scan or pat down?

My sister was leaving yesterday morning for Barcelona - I called before she was heading out to the airport and when she answered her phone, I said, "one question, full body scan or pat down"?  "Full body scan baby, I don't care what they see, I just don't want anyone touching me" she replied.

I think I feel the same way.  Except I'm a tad nervous about the radiation.  Maybe when the TSA is finished taking our "picture" they can give us a copy, kind of like a door prize or party favor that you get at a children's birthday celebration.  That way we could all keep them in our medical file, perhaps to use at a future doctor visit.  Could save us a few dollars and save us from another unhealthy serving of radiation!

So I've been listening to some of the debate going on.  The people touting their civil rights, their personal freedoms.  Refusing to do either.  Both are too invasive, the groping and the humiliation.  Whats next, fly in the nud…

I Keep Forgettin

When fifty hit me, it literally hit me, behind the knees, in the stomach and across the back of the head.  I started suffering migraines.  My newly vocal knees that on their own would sometimes decide to curtsy, for no apparent reason, no queen or royalty in sight, were growing creakier and crankier every day.  The stomach thing was more like a sick feeling that tagged along with me wherever I went, taunting me that life worth living might soon be over.  Feeling extremely sorry for myself - I knew in reality I wasn't that old, but like the lead character in a Woody Allen movie, in which by the way, I would've won an Oscar, would still think "yeah, so what, I might have 30/40 years left, but how good can they really be."  Thinking this might be the right time to find God, start repenting, and begin that long road of begging for forgiveness.  Oh the shame, hanging my head and adding to my migraine with thoughts of all the wasted time, and that long unanswered question,…

Tasty yet balanced breakfast

When watching the commercial for Nutella, the chocolaty good hazelnut spread that hails from Canada, advertised as “part of your tasty yet balanced breakfast” – you want to try it but your common sense tells you that you shouldn’t.  There is a deep fear that if you take that initial taste you may never stop, and it can only lead to the harder stuff, like an entire bowl of Scharfenberger ganache or crack cocaine I'm guessing. For some reason while shopping the food isle in Target the other night my hand uncontrollably reached up for the jar of Nutella, as if it were begging me to take it home.  It was like staring into the soft black eyes of a discarded puppy at the animal shelter, (a really cute puppy) pleading with me to give him a chance.  I was his only hope.  Very hard to resist, my will power broken, I ended up taking the Nutella home.

That evening as I was attacked by my sweet tooth, searching the refrigerator, the freezer, the cupboards, I eyed the jar of Nutella.  Thank goo…