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The time has come for me to avoid Starbucks. It’s not like I am officially boycotting them or anything, but my new vow is to search out all alternatives before settling on the Starbucks experience.(

Now, I actually love Starbucks. I love the consistency. I love the familiarity. I love that Howard Schultz provides health care to his P/T employees. You have to admire a lone Seattle based coffeehouse that grew to become the world’s largest coffeehouse company with over 16,000 stores and 300 more to open in 2010 alone.

So then you might ask, what’s my problem? My problem is children. Children with parents. I don’t know. I remember my very first cappuccino. It was at a small roasting company in Olympia Washington in the mid 80’s. The store was called Batdorf and Bronson, and I’m betting they are still there. It was incredible. These delicious icy cold cream ladened espressos gave many of us license to consume these several hundred calorie milkshakes, calling them …

Trace Bundy - Pachelbel's Canon

After my previous blog complaining as usual about life and hardships and not playing fair, I realized I occasionally have to add something of beauty to the world, or else what is the purpose? Since I can't play any musical instrument well enough to share with you, or paint you a picture that could speak a thousand words, I will share this song from Trace Bundy. I have nothing more to say about this except - incredible. I have always loved this song - never heard it played like this and I just wanted to share this with whoever is out there tonight - because what a lovely way to end a day. Stevie and Olivia this is for both of you - xoxo


My extremely hectic schedule of late has kept me from many things I love doing, one of them is blogging. I have little post-it notes, scraps of paper including the backs of deposit slips with half sentences and words here and there. All things that got my attention and I wanted to make sure to jot them down – so that I could blog about them later. But I haven’t had a minute with my current six day work week until now. So I am going to take full advantage of this next little peaceful hour, the hum of my dryer in the background, dogs barking in the distance, and spend some quality time with my computer.

Some of the subject matter that I have in my bag full of tricks is; Facebook once again, gratuities, Starbucks and children, my addiction to the computer and a few others, but I have to start with my most current thought of today. Making a living, or "the things that we are reduced to do for cash compensation". Okay, so why today? It’s not like this is new territory for me. Bu…