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The "Perfect" Cappuccino

A couple of days ago I was craving a cappuccino – a “real” cappuccino in a large squat mug with foam – a sprinkling of cinnamon on top. I don’t want it in a paper cup with a plastic lid that I bring to my mouth with trepidation, never sure the temperature, and then having that creepy foreign feeling of plastic against my lips. There is something about holding that cup with two hands, gently blowing the heat away, rippling the foam, and sipping from porcelain. There is more of a ceremony to it all. Such a simple but beautiful tradition behind it. I can’t think of anywhere to go in town for that experience. Yes, I am sure, if I went to a nice restaurant for dinner, I would be offered a coffee or espresso afterwards. And there I would get the cup of my dreams, even though the contents would probably leave much to be desired. I want the coffee house experience. I don’t want to sit through the “herb crusted lamb chops with apricot relish” beforehand. Just a simple almond cookie with my esp…

"Lightly Used"

I haven’t written for a while, with all of this moving, downsizing and reorganizing. It takes some time to settle in. It reminds me of when a dog is trying to settle down for the night or perhaps just a well deserved nap. You know, you’ve seen them when they are trying to settle and they start frantically scratching and circling and scratching and circling some more until finally they seem to have created an accepted space and curl up sweetly and with a deep sigh, fall off to sleep. So it is the same for us, it takes some time to discover the perfect placement of things. Moving things around, to this side of the room and then back again. And there always seems to be so many obstacles to the “perfect placement." A few of those things for example can be large wall heaters, windows, doors, no electrical outlets, less than four walls, and of course that 42" flat screen television that dominates everything else in the room. You might wonder why model homes or magazine shoots (suc…