Friday, June 6, 2014

October Stands Still

November’s exhausted leaves
Brittle and stained red 
Like tiny little bird bones
Detained under my feet
I feel the crunch
But I don’t avoid them

December lights
Multi-colored and twinkling
Like gasoline from overfilled tanks
They sparkle and mesmerize the city storefronts
While mine are all white
Distant stars out of reach

And time keeps running
A little faster it seems
With each lap
I tear off another calendar sheet
Inked with reminders and birthdays
And events I didn’t bother to attend

October has the heart of me
It’s been that way for over fifteen years
Slogging through cranberry bogs
And looking out rain streaked windows
Of high speed ferries
Trying to recall if I was there
Many years ago

Out on a lobster boat
Up on a widow’s walk
Serving beer in the local pub
Locked behind bars for intoxication

So much history
And such a part of me
Even though it’s been minuscule
The time I have slept under down filled blankets
While a nor’easter unforgivenly raged
taunting overconfident placed shingles

October stands still
Holding vigil
while making its bed
In my overabundant flesh

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