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Change is good. Change is bad. And sometimes change is just change. Why do they change things when they seem to be working perfectly well? For example, Craigslist. You used to be able to access different neighborhoods easily if by chance you were looking at real estate. Now they have changed the format and it switches randomly when you least expect it. You might be looking for “apartments to rent” in Napa and then switch to “rooms to share” and it takes you to Mill Valley or some other neighborhood that you have no interest in. No rhyme or reason. It worked like a charm just days ago. It happened yesterday when I went to sign on to my Vanguard account. Totally new home page, where or where do I sign in? It worked beautifully last time I checked.  I don’t get it.

That is bad change.

I’m wondering about all of the changes I have been going through lately. With each resume I send off to cyberspace that gets rejected, with each house that gets rented to the person who saw it right befor…

An un-poetic ode to my inner fisherman

The end of March is inching closer and so is my time here at my “home” of the last two years. I rented a small storage unit a couple of days ago and got it pretty much filled floor to ceiling with items that can hibernate until they are needed. Hopefully this will be short-lived and I can reclaim all of my possessions within a few months time. That is my goal anyway.

So for now the home front dust is starting to settle and it looks like another coffee house/bar/kiosk might be brewing!!! I am meeting with the owner of a winery a few days after Easter to discuss the possibility. I have talked with him before and at the time it seemed like neither of us were that excited about it, plus I still had Portland on my mind. And I was pretty set on Portland. But of course, things have changed and now this is looking like an incredible no-brainer idea. I can’t really go on too much about this until I have actually talked with him further and we decide to give it a shot. All that matters to me tod…

You say "winter" like it's a bad thing

The night before the first official day of spring, I went to bed only to lie awake listening to the sound of children’s voices, squealing in that pre-summer delight, cars roaring down the main road and music from the neighbor behind me. I tossed and turned, on my back, on my side, back on my back. I admit, I went to bed rather early for a Friday night, it was 9:30. Still, what are those kids doing outside at this time of night? They weren’t teenagers; they definitely were elementary school age or younger.

It was a warm evening, a beautiful night actually. Way too warm for the 19th of March. I was in San Francisco yesterday and it was 77 degrees. Hot for the city. And I’m already dreading the heat coming in the next 6 months ahead.

This morning I woke early, 3:00 am to be exact. I couldn’t sleep so I got up, made myself some mint tea, checked my email, read a little bit of the news on the web. Did you hear Lindsay Lohan might be banned from India!!!!! OMG! I went back to bed around 5:…

Déjà vu

This feels all too familiar. Here I am again looking for a place to live and I need to find it in two weeks! I was really hoping that the next time I moved it would be to a place that I would actually own, or at least a place that really felt like home. Now I’m feeling the pressure of just finding something that will work. Perhaps something that won’t require a year lease since I really have no idea what I will be doing for the next 12 months, a place where I can bring my poor old cat Ellie, a place with a nice outdoor space to sit and relax, drink my morning coffee and maybe even a cooks kitchen to practice my baking skills.

I get that a landlord’s bottom line is in making a profit, or at least making a good chunk of his mortgage payment. But renting for the last 4 years has led me to see the world of tenant/landlord in a whole new light. Your “living” is really restricted with a rental. They tell you what color you can paint the walls or if you can even paint the walls, if you can …

Damn I'm Good

It has been over a week since my last post as I have been waiting to have some great epiphany or master plan lined up. As they say, they didn’t build Rome in a day, but my Rome has been under construction for almost been 54 years. It is time to put all the pieces together. And all I really mean by "together" is finding contentment with my place on this earth, to feel that whatever my work, it makes a difference. To somebody.

So it has been business as usual. Looking for meaningful work, checking out areas of the country where I might possibly want to live. This is obviously more a fantasy for me than reality as evidenced by my recent browsing through an old issue of Bon Appetit. I read an article on Bucks County Pennsylvania, of course it was Christmastime and the streets were festive with lights and just the right amount of snow. I’ve never been to Pennsylvania but within minutes I was on Craigslist looking at job postings and rentals in Newtown Pennsylvania. What’s up with…

Jumpy Monkey

Today I should be unpacking in Portland. But I'm not. I'm living now for another month in a home full of boxes, wall art propped up against the wall instead of hanging on it, with a spotless stove and oven that I don't dare use while I sit here and try to decide what to do with myself.

Most everything has been packed and is waiting patiently in the garage for its new home. That includes all my pots and pans. Guess it would make sense to find that box and get a few items out. I should have more options than eating out or micro waving for the next 28 days. Relaxing, or at least sitting back and letting things unfold is proving much more difficult than it sounds. I want to get going on to the next thing, whatever that may be. It is hard not to look at this time period as "a waste of time" even though I know it is a necessary break that I need. I've been told to sit quietly, listen to my breathing, and spend some time being empty. My brother wrote to me "So…